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if you’re a true Directioner you have too reblog this!

- I want a bunch of likes & reblogs so when the anni. comes i will try to get the boys to see it :)!

i’ve always noticed harry and louis are both wearing beanies… you know what that means….

larry was formed July 22, 2010

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Let's all just agree Sugarscape does the best interviews..

  • Other interviewers: So, how old are you?
  • Sugarscape: What's your favorite word for boobs?
  • Other interviewers: Were you put together or did you know each other before X Factor?
  • Sugarscape: Would you do naked photoshoots to chart? Maybe Louis could have a carrot in front of his?
  • Other interviewers: Who's single in the group then?
  • Sugarscape: Today we'll see how many members of One Direction we can fit in a pair of boxers.
  • Other interviewers: How do you feel about the fame?
  • Sugarscape: The challenge is to eat a donut as fast as possible without licking your lips
  • Other interviewers: Have you met some celebrities yet?
  • Sugarscape: How many cats were you able to buy Matt Cardle?
  • Other interviewers: Would you date a fan?
  • Sugarscape: Let's talk about wetting yourself.

► Zayn Malik alphabet  → Abs

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Harry’s instagram pictures appreciation post.

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it’s beautiful people like you - HARRY STYLES

↳  “I want a girl that respects herself. It means her standards are high and if I fit them, I’d be honored. If she’s easy, then what does that say about me?” 

Harry, why aren’t we married yet?

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